Friday, March 02, 2007

Not All Books Are Born Equal

Sometimes you get good books, sometimes you don't. It is the luck, or unluck of the draw.

I have just finished a book that I would not wish on my worst enemy, in fact I think the book probably contravenes the S.A.L.T. (Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty). Much has been made of what is going on in Iraq, from what I see the place is pretty much a country in civil war. My theory (and lets face it, everyone has a theory about Iraq), is to take a B52 loaded up with copies of the book I just read, and drop em on Baghdad.

Within 24 hours the Sunnis and Shiites would be best buddies, once more joined with the common goal of eradicating the country of the dreaded book!

I finally finished the book, and I left scorch marks on the rug putting it back on the bookshelf. Of course the next problem was to write a review. There are no real parameters involved here, but I like 500 words, that's about one page of regular typing.

My wife was watching, and she saw the excitement in my eyes when I told her that I had managed to type in the title for the article.

Of course the problem was what to write in the article itself. I do try and pick out the positive aspects in the books I review. My first thought was how at 300 pages, it would light several fires. In fact if you had nice dry kindling you could light 300 fires.

Unfortunately this is not the sort of stuff that publishing houses want to hear, and trashing a book would likely jeopardize my chances at getting into their catalog.

So I will just shut up about the whole fiasco!

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