Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Xentel - Canada's Answers to Big Brother?

I am amazed, I wrote a couple of pieces about this sleazy organization a while back. And on a daily basis I see hits to my articles hit by people searching for the name Xentel.

Who are these people? Maybe more important is what the hell do these people want?

In a nutshell they are a big league collection agency. They don't brag about what they do, because no one would talk to them! These people are the modern version of a leper! Of course this version of leprosy does not involve the leaving of body bits, fingers, toes etc, it involves the removal of money from your wallet. As far as I can see they take exactly zero time to ascertain if their selected victim has anything to do with the actual money owed.

I am keen to hear from other Xentel victims, with the idea of doing an investigative piece on them. If there is one thing that sleazy organizations like Xentel hates it is publicity.

So all you folks that read this looking for Xentel info, drop me a line. I do have the street address and telephone number for the Edmonton sweat shop, but I am looking for the 1-800 number. That way we can all call and complain!

It will be so much fun!

Previous articles include: http://zzsimonb.blogspot.com/2007/02/xentel-update.html
and: http://zzsimonb.blogspot.com/2007/02/jan-and-i-have-lived-in-same-place-for.html

The good news is.. since I got really rude with them, they have stopped bothering me.

I do still want the stinking 1-800 number, because I think we should all have the opportunity to tell them to 'Go To Hell'


Anonymous said...

Go to www.xentel.com for information

Anonymous said...

This comment is only about ten months late, but I've been compiling a ton of information on Xentel and the so-called "charities" on behalf of which they harass millions of people. Go to http://tinyurl.com/22rh9q (www.whocalled.us) for lots more info.

Anonymous said...

i worked for xentel for a while the are con-artist and geetin away with it they are so sneaky after people start relizing who they are they even change there name to courtesy health watch they raise millions of dollars every year for these chrities that dont even exsisit here's some of the charities american breast cancer foundation,national cancer coalition,comitee for missing children,children with aids all of these charities sound familiar like for instance center for missing and exployeded children that would call people and say they were calling on behalf of missing kids and also say you know the ones on the milk cartons people would think they were helping john walsh what thy don't know is these so called charities don't even get five percent of proceeds raised that is the reason why the company is based out canada so
the United States cant shut them down they been scaming people out of their money for years i left the company because its down right wrong what they are doing to people who could be donating to real people who would really put the donations to good use some of the other charities are PAL =police atheletic league, Fire Fighters,there sevaral others somebody have to stop these people from scaming people the number i have for the 412-444-0064or412-444-0068or412-444-0074