Saturday, December 22, 2007

Changing Routers, 9 Gazzilion Reasons Not To

As I wrote earlier, my damn router finaly gave up the battle and decided to go into meltdown mode. My daughter came to the rescue with a $5 one she found at a yard sale.

My elation over getting our primary computers back online unfortunately was short lived. The BeerBox was screwed. And that meant no Web Server. Changing the bloody router had resulted in a new local area network IP addressing scheme. And of course my ISP decided to assign a new IP at the same time.

This was a double whammy! The hurdles in fixing this problem were huge. I had to use trial and error to even log on to the damn Linux box, then an hour wandering aimlessly around the cavernous file system to even find the Web Server.

The good news it that after much fiddling and use of the 'F' word it is mostly back in action. The infamous Bartender bot though is still AWOL. I'll tackle him later!

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

I was wondering how you could wear out a wood router, Simon. I
was going to send you a spare through the mail. Now I understand. You were trying to rout out the beer box computer case and fouled the air intake with cardboard chips resulting in a meltdown. Very high tech stuff.

I do have a couple of those Qwest supplied Cisco routers from Phoenix if you want or need one. Let me know.