Sunday, December 02, 2007

Simon Buys Stuff!

Oh, say its not so! Yup, I finally broke down and went to WalMart. I am not one that needs the latest and greatest, so most of the electronics (and I have bunches) are pretty old. We have more stinking computers than the average sane person needs, they are everywhere in this house. I haven't checked the bathroom, but I'll bet there is one in there somewhere!

Anyway, my problem was the Home Theater, I have an aging digital projector that cost me exactly nothing, but the bulbs don't last forever, and I know that to replace it is going to be a $400 adventure. With the amount of DVD's that I review it is only a matter of time before the projector goes dark. The only TV we have is in the bedroom, and watching DVD's in there is out of the question, one of two things happen, I fall asleep cos i'm in bed, or Jan has her French Maid outfit on, and reviews go out the window!

For $149, I got a great little player with a whopping 9 inch screen. I was actually surprised at how good the unit works, there is just Jan and me, and the 9 inch screen worked fine for us.

This certainly is way more convenient than the projector. Of course, right on queue another Clint box arrived today! Oh good, more DVD's hahahahaha.

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