Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jan's Willy Wonka!

Nope this has nothing to do with Chocolate Factories! Jan decided that our bathroom needed a little makeover, and installed a really nice rug thing in front of the wash basin, also one of those funky things that go around the base of the toilet. It's very good, it keeps your feet warm while doing the biz.

Not content with these major lifestyle enhancements, she also added one of those pointless Toilet seat cover warmers! Why does a toilet seat cover need a warmer anyway? In my opinion toilet seat covers are right up there with Chia Pets!

The net result is that Jan has created a monster! The toilet cover warmer has changed the entire dynamics of the plastic bits. To take a leak, you now run the gauntlet of the Willy Wonka. Just as you are enjoying getting rid of that 6 pack, 'KERASH', and the Willy Wonka has nailed you!

I am thinking about renting a Porta-Potty, the bathroom is just out and out to dangerous for male use!


bigsoxfan said...

Out door johns are fine, unless you live in a cold climate (Calgary and Ulan Baatar come to mind) and plan to do any business while seated. I should patent a foot operated toilet seat holder upper. Your're the genius, get to work and let me know you it goes, I have the same troubles here.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Take the seat warmer off, feed it to the dog. Train the dog to lie in front of the pot as you do your business. Place feet on dog to keep them toasty.