Saturday, January 27, 2007

Next Years Jerky!

My good buddy Cad Man is a hunter. But he cheats! He feeds the critters in his back yard, so by the time hunting season comes around, all he has to do is sit in his comfy chair on the porch and kill em! hahaha

I believe that's Peanut Butter the critters are chowing down on.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fun With Statistics

As some of you may know, one of my interests is reviewing books. I have had my reviews featured as far away as New Orleans, but try as I might, I do not seem to be able to attract the attention of the local newspaper, in fact they did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge my communication with them. Now that's just damn rude. It does not cost anything to write back and say 'no we are not interested'.

I decided to do some investigating, OK, I will fess up, I was bored, and I thought this might be fun! is a site that ranks and monitors web sites, it is a great source for information. Better still it displays the data in a graphical format.

My first exploration was to compare the popularity of the Calgary Herald with the two online sites that I write for ( and ).

You really do not need to have a PhD in math to see that the green line (Blogcritics) is much more popular than the red line (The Calgary Herald).

My next adventure was to include one of the sites that my reviews get syndicated to (The Times-Picayune New Orleans).

Hahaha as you can see The Calgary Herald is once again a very poor third.

You would think that the local newspaper would be interested in carrying locally written articles, but that is not the case. Calgary is a city with a population of over one million. That's a big market, one would think that with such a large market the local paper would look for local talent, but alas that is not the case.

I must admit that I am pissed off, I can get published with the big league, but can not even get a job as bat boy with the local team!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

No Way!!!!!

I interviewed Ian Coburn about his latest book.

Blogcritics liked it.

Next thing I knew was my article was spreading like a rash!

Jan is from New Orleans, so she was pretty jazzed that my article made it to NOLA.

I am so excited, I could have another beer! hahahahaha

Friday, January 19, 2007

I Am Not The Father!

I am demanding that Jan goes on the Maury show! She is claiming that I am the father of her 16 year old son Joey. Now I love Joey like my son, but I have only known Jan for four years!

I think that we should go on the Maury show and get a paternity test!

Of course Jan is claiming that Joey is mine, and I am just suffering from Alzheimer's and have forgotten a tryst 17 years ago while I was on a business trip.

Personally I think she is full of BS!

Blog Critics

In my bid for fame and fortune I have started writing for another online organization BlogCritics. Actually it is quite exciting, these guys are major league, I measure a good day on my blog when I get 50 hits, BlogCritics averages 100,000 views a day!

Hell, at this rate I'll be rich and famous by Sunday! hahahahahaha

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Great Crime Story!

This story was too good not to comment on!

I was trolling my usual places looking for news stories for Blogger News Network (site I write for) and stumbled upon one of those Nah, this can't be, no one is that stupid stories.

According to Court TV, a robber was aprehended in Pasco County Florida. He had robbed a Subway, and a Chicken Wing restaurant before the cops caught up with him at a nearby Motel.

Nothing news worthy here, I hear you say!

The unique part is how he entered the Chicken Wing establishment, he came in though a grease vent! Check out his mug shot!

To make it even more fun there is a video of his arrest! Now this is must see TV.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Cute Email

As most of you know, when I am not teaching or tinkering with computers I am a book reviewer.

I am currently waiting for several to arrive in the mail.

I received an email from one of the authors this morning, and he wanted to know if I had received the book yet.

No, was my reply, and I went on to explain that I am convinced that Canada Post uses dog sleds!

Ian's reply was short and to the point "So much for Global 3 day delivery........"

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Grinch Is Trying To Steal Christmas

My own personal grinch (aka my wife Jan) is trying to spoil my Christmas!

She is making me take down the Christmas tree! It is only January for gods sake! If it was Easter I could understand it. I can only assume that this is a Cajun thing, you have to have the tree down before Mardi Gras.

I think this is unfair, in fact I am thinking about sending an email to the UN, maybe they could send a peace keeping force to keep the tree up until we can complete the long and tortuous process of going through the World Court.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Doctors Advise Having A Drink

I like my beer, I grew up in England where my parents owned a pub. I guess you could say that I had beer in my veins from an early age.

For years and years the media has been carrying stories about the dangers of drinking, particularly if you have high blood pressure.

Well new research may show that my personal regime of drinking beer may well be prolonging my life, and at 51 prolonging my life is becoming more important.

The Harvard School of Public Health has released the results of a study conducted of 11,711 male healthcare professionals. According to the study a couple of beers may be just what the doctor ordered for people, even those with high blood pressure.
I feel vindicated!

Unfortunately the study does use that awful word ‘moderation’. One or Two beers is good, a 12 pack is not. The good news is the study does not state the portion size, so maybe two 40oz bottles of Axe Head would be ok!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hangover? Not Me!

It is 6am on January 1st, 2007, and I don't have a hangover. In fact I have a beer in my hand. I know that you want to know my secret, well it's easy. I went to bed at about 8pm. Jan woke me up just prior to the year change, I gave her a kiss, and then I went back to bed!

It was a busy day yesterday. The city of Calgary was introducing another stupid law, as of midnight it was going to be illegal to smoke in a bar. My 'protest' to this obviously communist sponsored piece of idiocy was to go smoke my last cigarette in a bar.

Jan was not quite as enthusiastic in my protest, but she played along. One of our old hangouts is a dive bar downtown. In fact it is where we went after we got married (I know how to show a gal a good time).

The bar opens at 10:00am and we were there a few minutes later.

Jan wanted to know what the hell we were doing in a bar at breakfast time. I sometimes wonder about my bride. I explained to her that New Years Eve is amatuer day. All the amatuer drunks go out. They get all f'd up and either vomit all over the bar or go crash their cars after 2 drinks. Being a more professional drinker I think its better to have your fun by noon before the idiots hit the streets.

Needless to say by 2pm there was no pain being felt by either of us!