Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Doctors Advise Having A Drink

I like my beer, I grew up in England where my parents owned a pub. I guess you could say that I had beer in my veins from an early age.

For years and years the media has been carrying stories about the dangers of drinking, particularly if you have high blood pressure.

Well new research may show that my personal regime of drinking beer may well be prolonging my life, and at 51 prolonging my life is becoming more important.

The Harvard School of Public Health has released the results of a study conducted of 11,711 male healthcare professionals. According to the study a couple of beers may be just what the doctor ordered for people, even those with high blood pressure.
I feel vindicated!

Unfortunately the study does use that awful word ‘moderation’. One or Two beers is good, a 12 pack is not. The good news is the study does not state the portion size, so maybe two 40oz bottles of Axe Head would be ok!

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