Friday, May 23, 2008

The Interview That Never Happened

I do a lot of interviews, it is an aspect that I really enjoy. In the last week I talked with Larry Cohen, he was the guy that created the cult TV series 'The Invaders' and the movie franchise 'It's Alive', great stuff! I also talked with Dan Cattulo, he is a film maker specializing in music video. He was the producer/director of the new Steve Miller Band DVD. Yesterday I chatted with Elvis, hell I get around!

People seem to like my interviews, and I think I do a pretty good job with them. But you can't please everyone.

I also managed to get rebuffed a couple of times last week. I have been writing articles about the Payday Loan industry, and specifically what the law makers are doing. The esteemed South Carolina senator Joel Lourie is avoiding me like I have rabies. I am guessing that I am off his Christmas card list.

But the ultimate interview rejection came from Canada's most prominent and media friendly scientist. I have been covering a series for a US based cable station, this weekly show features sound bites from this Canadian scientist. So I decided to go for an interview. The interview was declined because 'it would be more appropriate if the interviewer was in the US'. hahaha What a giggle, Blogger News is US based, I just happen to live in Canada!

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bigsoxfan said...

Spam post in Mongolia this week. Imagine, some people are choosing spam as an inexpensive food source. Not so cheap here, actually kind of dear. Sorry to say, I was sacked from my work before I could snap a picture of the ultimate toilet seat holder upper. Cheers