Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oak Trees + Squirrels + Tin Roofs =Trouble

Usually I enjoy nature, it is fun to look at it, and marvel at the diversity that exists. Sometimes though, nature and man do not exist together in harmony. The part of Mississippi that we are now living in has an over abundance of squirrel's and Oak trees. This in itself is not an issue. The squirrels perform an admiral job of eating the acorns, and occasionally burying one that the forget about, and a new tree starts to grow.

Unfortunately man has encroached on this squirrel nirvana by putting up houses. The standard house in this neck of the woods has a porch at the front, and a car port at the side.

So whats the problem? I hear you ask.

Well, it is really quiet here, particularly in the middle of the night. Seeing as the weather has cooled off we are not even running the air conditioners 24/7 (a huge sigh of relief comes from my bank account)!

I woke up at 4am, and decided to smoke a cigarette, it is so nice not having to put on the arctic clothing to participate in this filthy habit. So with my robe on, I headed out the back door. Everything was so quiet that you could hear the moon orbit.

Then a sound from near by that sounded like small arms fire, maybe a .22? Well we don't live in the best area in town, but it is hardly a ghetto, so I decided that it likely was not a gun. But what the hell could it be?

Bloody squirrels messing around in an oak tree, dislodging acorns, which when dropped from 30 feet onto a corrugated tin roof makes a noise that could wake up the dead!

Ah, the joys of the deep south!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could come to an agreement with the squirrels. Have them dislodge acorns at a specific hour, and you'll have an environment-friendly, battery-less alarm!

Spada said...

You write so beautifully, I wonder if you would tell me how you learned to think and write so well?

I'm sure part of the answer is that you are simply intelligent and clever, but would you tell me a little bit about your education? You probably read widely, but is there some key to the complexity of your writing?

I have bought books on writing, but I don't really get what I am looking for. I enjoy writing movie scripts, but it is difficult for me to write clever dialogue. As I read what you have to say I can see a fluid picture from your words. You write so well, it is really a pleasure to read your comments!

If you would choose to write a few words to me I would be grateful.


Anonymous said...

Hi...I know the joys of having squirrels myself.

Really enjoyed your blog.