Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blogosphere by Michael Keren Part 2

Ok, I finished the book. Being a blogger I can honestly say that I am indebted to Dr Keren for not picking me as one of the 9 bloggers that he reviews.

This is a truly brutal book. In the space of only 159 pages Dr Keren Squishes bloggers like a bug!

This is a must read book for anyone that thinks blogging is a good idea.

One aspect that popped into my slightly warped mind is that he talks derisively of bloggers that do it for money, yet he gets paid to write a book about it? (He admits that in the foreword).

Damn I want a job where I get paid to whine! Oops I already have one.

There is no doubt in my mind that interviewing Dr Keren is going to be interesting. Even better, for once the interview will be face to face, he works about one mile from where I live.

You can find my review of Blogosphere here.


prying1 said...

Good luck - Have fun. Wear body armor.

pamie said...

I truly appreciate your empathy.

Tell Dr. Keren I cherish the free copy his publicist sent me.