Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An Interview With Al Stewart

I have been a big fan of Al Stewart since I saw him perform way back in 1971. When I read a press release about 13 of his CD's being remastered and re-released I was in there like white on rice asking for a review set. I was really, really happy when I got them in my hot little hands.

On a whim, I decided to go for the big one, and saa if I could get an interview with the maestro himself. Well, I did, and this morning I got to chat with him. You can find the interview on Blogger News.

I was most impressed by his wit and charm, this guy is a class act. He was also very candid in his answers, and certainly did not try and duck any questions.

Maybe the most memorable moment was towards the end, he was talking about his latest album and asked me if I had heard it, I have not. "Thats a pity" he says "You really should, I'll get my pr people to send you a copy". Now I think that is very nice!

Great performer, and a really all round nice guy.

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Simon, my cold weather friend, how are you doing?

I'm still out here on Saipan Island. I spent last week on my small sailboat (a 25' Mariholm Folkboat from Sweden) traveling to the neighboring island of Tinian (of atomic bomb fame) and on down to a tiny isle called Aguiguan. Did a lot of scuba diving,some fishing and basically just hung out and enjoyed life.

I was happy to see on your blog that the Linux beer box server is still chugging merrily away. Computers out here have salt air (I live right on the beach) to contend with plus we have power outages and fluctuations from time to time. Neither do the electronic gee gaws any good.

Drop me an email if you get a chance and we'll exchange some photos.

I am about to start a blog so maybe we can link when I get mine up and running.

Hope this finds you well and prosperous.

Best to You,