Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Week In Review(s) – Part 2

Although technically this review should go in next weeks article it is too good not to share. Jan and I watched the most bizarre concert of our combined 103 years of experience. The Jesus Lizard may not be band that is on many peoples radar, and their musical abilities are to say the least questionable, but they do put on a very unique performance.

They seem to be waging war on the audience, in my review I refer to them as ‘a full contact band’. If you see this DVD in the $5 bin at your local Walmart grab it. It’s worth $5 just for the battle scenes!

Take That was a brit boy band from the early 90’s, you know what I mean, 5 insipidly clean cut teenage boys stage managed to appeal to preteen screaming girls. From Zeros to Heroes is a documentary that leads us through a series of bland breakfast TV interviews. My advice on this one is leave it in the ‘Bargain Bin’, it is not a bargain at any price.

Elvis – At The Movies is a double CD soon to be released on the Sony/BMG label. It is as the name implies a compilation of his music from his prolific movie career. For the Elvis lover this is a must have for the collection.

Celtic Feet was a DVD that I was disappointed in, I had been expecting a Michael Flatley-esque Riverdance inspired extravaganza of Celtic dancing. Instead it is a ‘how to’ guide. Yup, you can learn to dance in easy lessons!

Somewhere during the week I also reviewed Starz, T. G. Sheppard, and New England.

So all in all it was a pretty busy week.

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Reprinted from you June 6th post:

Simon, my cold weather friend, how are you doing?

I'm still out here on Saipan Island. I spent last week on my small sailboat (a 25' Mariholm Folkboat from Sweden) traveling to the neighboring island of Tinian (of atomic bomb fame) and on down to a tiny isle called Aguiguan. Did a lot of scuba diving,some fishing and basically just hung out and enjoyed life.

I was happy to see on your blog that the Linux beer box server is still chugging merrily away. Computers out here have salt air (I live right on the beach) to contend with plus we have power outages and fluctuations from time to time. Neither do the electronic gee gaws any good.

Drop me an email if you get a chance and we'll exchange some photos.

I am about to start a blog so maybe we can link when I get mine up and running.

Hope this finds you well and prosperous.

Best to You,


As an afterthought I will tell you that things on Saipan are fantastic. The economy here is in turmoil what with the WTO dropping restrictions on garment imports into the US and a minimum wage increase, but WTF, everything else is wonderful here. Great food, ecclectic culture, fantastic weather, an 82 degree F Ocean 365. I'm liking it, Simon!