Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Charlie Daniels

You remember this guy, he is the fiddle player that released that great song 'The Devil Came Down To Georgia', well he is back! I got my hands on his latest CD Deuces yesterday. Now strictly speaking he should have gone to the bottom of the review pile, which at this point would have been something like position 51! The scary part is that I am not really behind, it's just the amount that keep arriving! Anyway, Janny is a big country music fan, and loves Charlie Daniels, so it had to go to the top of the pile.

In fact not only did it go to the top of the pile, it got put in the player.

Well this is some great album, Charlie decided to make it from duets, now his idea of a duet does not quite meet the dictionary definition, his idea is to play with some solo artists, but also some complete bands. The end result is outstanding!

I try and write my reviews as I listen, that way everything is fresh in my mind. So I rattled of a review, and stuck it on the web, you can read it here.

Well, today I heard from the promoters, they are happier than Cowboys with the new truck that has a custom gun rack. They are so happy they are setting me up with an interview with Charlie Daniels.

This should be fun.

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bigsoxfan said...

Poor mis-understood Charlie Daniels. I have an older album of theirs which is a bit out of character. The main song is "Lonesome Rider" where a long haired guy breaks down and is forced to take refuge in "Red necked looking joint called the Dew Drop Inn" Hilariously funny. A later version of the song is titled "Lonesome rider'88, has two good ole boys stopping for a drink in a gay bar. That one is really really fall on your ass funny. Anyway, I'll agree, they should't be typecast for one era of thier production.