Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spam In Literature

My good friend Outer Mongolian Mark has peaked my interest in Spam. For example, has it ever been mentioned in a book, well other than a book by the Monty Python folks.

I was reflecting on this question this morning as I bussed it to work. Actually the daily bus ride is where I do a good deal of my reading. And there it was.... A spam quote...

She pulled down a couple of cans of beef stew, a package of cornbread mix, and a tin of Spam
Now, I am sure that there are many other literary mentions of this delightful product, and I plan on tracking them down!

Oh, I am sure you Spam fans want to know the name of the book I am reading. Well as soon as the review goes up I'll make sure I add a link.

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bigsoxfan said...

I asked my family about "spam in literature" My only response was my brother and sister in law have been blessed with a baby girl. No word yet, on whether or not She likes spam, literally or otherwise. I'm sure she will in time.