Friday, December 29, 2006

And A Merry Spammy Xmas To You..

I was pissed off. F'ing spammers should have their nuts cut off. Well let me introduce you to a spammer.

His name is George Mello, and lives in Texas.

I am guessing he is the guy in the white t-shirt.

Our friend George likes all things to do with pets, oh and the revenue that he generates from Google Adsense.

His scheme seems to consist of leaving what look like harmless comments on blogs, however there is always a link back to his nasty little spammy adsense rich site.

If I was in the pet biz, I likely would have let his comment go, but I am in the beer drinking and having fun biz. So when I get a comment about my 'flashing santa' and it is all about pet grooming, well I start to think.

It was not hard to find spammy George, but he had done a decent job of hiding his identity. It took at least 10 minutes!

Spammy george, have a great New Year. If you spent as much time on working as you did on spammy blogging you likely would be rich.

In the interest of not putting dollars in spammy georges pocket I will not reveal his site. But, if you want to see spammy georges blogger profile click away!

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