Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Bed Monster!

Anyone that knows me, also knows that I am a tidy freak, I would not ever dream of leaving empty beer cans littering up the flat surfaces (Tables, counters, etc). I always make sure that I put my cigarette ends in the right spot, I would never dream of throwing them in the snow bank.

Jan is almost as tidy as I am, she does occasionally mess up the kitchen, but, I just let it go.

For the past few months though we have had a problem. Every night we go to bed and the bed is all messed up! The sheets are crumpled up, the comforter is all skewed. I know it looks fine when I get up, and Jan says it looks fine when she gets up.

In fact Jan makes the bed up every morning after I leave for work.

I have given this a great deal of thought, and the only explanation I can find is that we have been invaded by a 'Bed Monster'. We suspect that he strikes mid afternoon while Jan is watching soaps.

It is like something out of the X-Files.........


Anonymous said...

I think someone's tongue is gonna fall out for telling such FIBS

sink sink socks said...
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Simon Barrett said...

More Spam!!!!!!! Hell I hate these people!

Oh, and Jan I do not lie. I am just telling the truth.

I am going to go down to Safeway later and see if they have any Bed Monster traps in the household goods section. Failing that I'll get some Bed Monster Be Gone poison.

One way or another we will get rid of the Bed Monster.

Anonymous said...

I said ya FIBBED ... I DO always clean my kitchen LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey! it's nice to see such a good relationship going on with you pair!
What with bed monsters and spammers, sounds like a case of the d-t's to me!
Happy New Year! and a prosperous 2007! to you and jan! ;-}