Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Alice's Adventures In Interview Land Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I was playing online. There should be no big surprise there, I do a lot of that. Anyway, I have been in a 70's prog rock music kick of late. I am not sure that I sought it out, it just kind of found me.

I was Googling around and discovered that one of my favorite prog rock bands of that era are still alive and well. Hawkwind may not be a name that is well known in North America, but it certainly is a name that is well known with European Prog Rock fans.

As a teenager, these guys were my favorite band. I would sit and listen to their albums for hours on my not quite stereo record player. This annoyed my mother no end! She could see no redeeming features in the band, and referred to them as 'Those Wind People". Her favorite was to bang on my bedroom door and scream "Turn those bloody wind people down". She had very little appreciation of music back then!

Anyway, yesterday I heard back from 'The Wind People' and they are happy to do an interview. I would love to tell my mother this good news, but she is in her eighties, and suffers from dementia, so I am not sure she will fully understand. Of course my problem is to find out what 'Those Wind People' have been doing for the past 30 years so I can ask some sensible questions.

Who said this reviewing gig was easy? They should be taken out at dawn and shot!

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