Monday, September 03, 2007

Life Is Not Always Easy

This reviewing business is over rated! Yup, you get free stuff, but boy it gets old. It is 8:15 am and I have punted out 4 or 5 five already. The done pile is almost to the ceiling, but the 'to do' pile is still measured in Boxes! I am scared to even look, I just know there are more boxes of stuff hiding.

My poor wife Jan has to suffer through all of this. We did a couple of Thrash bands this morning, Jan took the easy way out and disappeared into the shower. This woman has the look of a 'Deer in the headlights' when I tell her we are going to review stuff! I am sure that Judge Judy would give her a divorce based on the grounds of mental cruelty!

After a morning of Thrash, and I have plenty more, I put on some Al Stewart. The French use bread to clean the palate between wines, I use Al to clean the ears between CD's.

I guess everyone has their own 'palate' cleanser.

Anyone need a few Kilos of music? If you do, just let me know the weight that you want. I don't do genre, I just do pounds!


Anonymous said...
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Simon Barrett said...

Adam wanted to comment on how good my Abs were after following his diet. Well I disagree, my abs are fine, and I have never tried his diet.

And if the little prick comes back here there will be trouble!