Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dropping Stuff!

I have discovered the one really fun aspect of 'Not having a stroke'. You get to drop stuff, usually when you least expect it. Today I have managed to drop at least 3 beers, and god knows how many other items! I am so glad I bought cheap beers!

I suspect that Jan has hidden all the good breakable glass ware, and other stuff!


bigsoxfan said...

Glad to hear you aren't kicking off, before I can get the mutton to you.

Hope the numbness doesn't go to your head, I've been suffering through tingling to numbness in my two outside fingers of one hand for some time now, I blame it on a once healthy addiction to Doom. I imagine you are one of those ergonomic types, so I don't have any advice. I stopped wearing a watch and it helps, but I'm not going for the carpal tunnel surgery, I'll just suck it up.

DeL said...

just stopping by

Bruce A. Bateman said...

hey, you haven't taken to mainlining the beer to get it in faster have you? That might push the old BP up a few notches.

You wern't trying to empty a 'computer case' just before dropping the aforesaid items were you, Simon?

I am happy that you are not having a stroke, but am seriously worried at that BP number. What do they have you doing about it? Medication? Bloodletting? Zen Mantras?

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Jan should sooth your fevered brow. (And make you some chicken soup).

Anonymous said...

Would a can of chicken soup work? I can do that! I try to take good care of him, but he is so damn stubborn.