Friday, November 30, 2007

Even Jan Says It's Better With A Moog!

A while back I was on a Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson kick. It seemed as if almost everyday there was some new, or not so new (Re-released) material by these guys. Being a fan of both of these great musicians I was in hog heaven.

I was so excited, I knew I just had to interview them! Even Jan got into the act, and managed to be rude to Keith Emerson on the phone, but thats another story.

After the reviews and interviews were done, I still had the urge for more, so I wrote a contemplative piece about how It's Better With A Moog. Nothing beats a Moog in my mind!

Jan of course had no idea what a Moog was, they don't use a lot of them at the Grand Ole Opry!

This morning as I was writing up a review about a new Johnny Cash DVD Jan was listening to her music, headphones on, but set loud enough to wake the dead, and I heard 'Lucky Man' start up. I waited till half way through the song and then tapped her on the shoulder. Before I could say anything she said "It's better with a Moog"! We got another convert!

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