Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well folks, I am officially now as old as Jan! Combined we have 104 years of experience. Of course Jan does not brag about her age, but a simple calculation can figure it out! 104/2 or 52 to help the math challenged!

The good news is that I will only be as old as Jan for 6 months, then I can go back to referring to her as 'The older woman'!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday honey... I guess ya getting so old now though that ya forgot to mention that it is also our wedding anniversary too huh? I might be older but I still got my memory at least LOL

I love ya!

Simon Barrett said...

Oops, forgot about that in all the excitement.

Happy Anniversary honey!

Gerrie Hugo said...

Salutations and congratulations. May there be many more on all counts.
Remember the days when it was an achievement not to pee in your pants?
Well, they are slowly approaching once more.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday too!

Birthday and Anniversary on the same date....sounds like a major coincidence. Also sounds like you got the best present of your life that year, Simon.

And Jan gets.......Mr. Forgetful.

Make him buy you a nice gift to help you forget the slip, Jan.

bigsoxfan said...

Happy birthday, if you get more forgetful, consider running for president of the US. We have very short memories and welcome otheres with the same affliction. I hope we are both alive to welcome pres. Schwanneger into office. Buy some flowers for your wife, dummy. If you can find any which will thaw out in time. Then again, buy her a can of spam and work a hot dog into a flower pattern. Doesn't spoil and looks good, lasts a long time. Mark