Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another Health Care Adventure!

The fun just goes on and on. This morning I had to turn up at the hospital for some mysterious heart monitoring. Of course no-one ever tells you what they are actually going to do beforehand. The best example of that was the Disney World MRI wild ride from a couple of weeks ago.

I had no clue what to expect this morning, but I was pretty certain that I wouldn't like it. it seems to me that every time I go near the damn hospital they end up sticking me with damn needles and I hate needles.

Well I was quite surprised today, no needles, and I was only in there for 10 mins. They wired me up with what I can only describe as an I-pod for my heart! It is about the size of an I-Pod and there the electrodes glued to my chest, but it didn't hurt, and all I have to do now is take the unit back tomorrow.

They did point out tho that this is the worlds most expensive MP3 player, and if I lose it I am on the nut for a $3,200 bill! Ouch, and it doesn't even play videos! Oh, and I can't go swimming while I have it on!

I wonder how much I can get for it on EBay?

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