Friday, December 14, 2007

The Battle Of The Brussel Sprout - 2007

Apart from Politics, Economics, Religion, Gun Laws, Abortion, and Velveeta Cheese, Jan and I pretty much agree on everything.

Well everything except the lowly brussel sprout. Jan has some pretty fixed ideas when it comes to vegetables, and when I stray from the Straight and Narrow vegetable road she lets me know.

I am a big fan of brussel sprouts, teeny weeny little cabbage like critters. Boiled, drained, then served with lashings of 'real' butter (no stinking margarine for this kid), this is one of natures gifts at Christmas time. I have resisted the urge to have these fabulous vegetable nuggets for almost 2 years. The last time, I bought a small bag of frozen ones. My theory was that while Jan might not like them, I could on occasion dip into this secret stash. It was a small bag, and it took up almost no room in the freezer!

I got to sample them exactly once, Christmas 2005, it was a banner day, Turkey, roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing, gravy, and those oh so good brussel sprouts! I guess it was my lucky day, Jan allowed me to use one of her pots, and even the stove in the kitchen! I had been half expecting that she would make me go out and buy a pan just for the event, oh and a butane camping stove so that it could all be done outside in the snow!

I had not heard the end of the brussel sprout saga. I still had a few left, they were minding their own business in a dark corner of the freezer, but not hidden from Jan's gaze. Every time we returned from a grocery shopping trip she would groan about having no space in the freezer, and point an accusing finger at my harmless brussel sprouts! This went on for over a year, twice a month I would have to deal with the Brussel Sprout problem.

Eventually I caved in, I let her throw them out, it was a sad day indeed!

Anyway, Christmas is two weeks away, and I think its time! So I am going to sneak a small bag of them into the frezzer for Christmas day!


Anonymous said...

You can have your old stinky brussel sprouts honey but only if I get a Ham cooked MY way for New Year's and only if I don't have to smell them cooking in my kitchen LOL Ain't is nice that we get along so well. I love ya!

Anonymous said...

I like brussel sprouts also.
I think they only smell bad when farmers leave the culls on the field after harvest - now that stinks after a few hot days.

Anonymous said...

Well for the record I used the word stinky because they remind me of cabbage which to me stinks when it is cooking. I don't like brussel sprouts though, never have and never will but Simon knows I would never deprive him of eating them if he really wants them. Since I have never been on a farm, I have no idea how they would smell left out on the field after harvest. I am after all just a city girl from New Orleans.