Friday, December 21, 2007

The Great (Fire) Wall Of China

Being in the media biz I shouldn't be surprised. Every large media outlet has run a story or twenty five about China employing a huge firewall on Internet traffic to prevent the Chinese people from access to controversial political sites. Bloggers have been thrown in jail for criticism of the ruling regime, and in what seems to be a day to day situation sites like CNN are blocked.

Well, it turns out that BNN is amongst the sites that the Chinese government has taken umbrage at. Now exactly what we have done to the Chinese I am not sure, but apparently we are banned!

Well screw em I say, I am going to boycott Chinese stuff as a result. No more take-aways, no fortune cookies, in fact I am not even going to use my Wok! I'll teach the little bastards!

If a recipe calls for Soy sauce, I'll use BBQ sauce instead!

This is war!

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

I'm sending back my Chinese Checkers game in sympathy to your cause, Simon.