Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Stats About This Blog

Riding on the crest of a wave, after finding out those amazing statistics about MS Internet Explorer, I decided to check out the rest of the statistics about my Blog.

Once again I was surprised by what I found.

Apparently 99% of my readers like cookies, this does not surprise me, everyone likes cookies, my favorite is Choclolate chip.

99% of the readers like coffee (Java), again that does not surprise me. I like coffee, so it goes without saying that my readers would like coffee.

The only bad thing about this highly un-scientific study is the high number of flashers that read the blog! The stats are telling me that 99% of you readers are flashers! Get a grip on yourselves, this is a family oriented Blog, go flash somewhere else!!!!!!!


Jan said...

Honey, this is just a fine example when I let you have time alone . You have way too much time to think about things such as this. Your mind is a dangerous place honey, but I love ya anyway

zzsimonb said...

I think Jan is just pissed off cos she didn't think of this story first!

I have been trying to get her to start a blog of her own, I even have a couple ideas for the title:

Cleaning up after Simon

Pot cleaning after simon 101

1000 and one ways to keep Simon away from the non-stick pans