Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Pot Thickens

I have good and bad news about the Gumbo Pot, the good news is that with a bit of luck we may be able to retire it this afternoon. The bad news is that the landlord is coming over to 'fix' the problem.

He is a really nice guy, but, his methods of 'fixing' stuff are right out of the 'Red Green Show'. I am not expecting this to go well at all. I am sure that after the landlord has fixed the problem we will have to call a real plumber to un-fix the problem.

My real concern tho is what the hell am I going to do with all the stuff, the livingroom looks like a datacentre, I am going to have to try and hide a few of the computers, well actually more than a few.

There are at least 3 full sized systems that need to go, and because of my Debian on a laptop project I have about a gazzilion Toshiba satellite systems in here.

The other issue is the typewriters, I know he is going to want access to the rear entrance way, and right now that is impassable. It is blocked by some 20 typewriters. I guess everything is going to have to vacation in the bedroom! Man that's going to be cozy in there.

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