Sunday, October 22, 2006

Who Said There Was No News?

Well actually I did say that last night. I was bemoaning the fact that there were no stupid news stories that I could write about for BNN (Blogger News Network).

A recent story that I put together for them involved the indictment of Wesley Snipes for tax fraud. He apparently left common sense at home and took the financial advice off the back of a box of "Cracker Jacks".

I thought the story was pretty funny, but apparently the "Cracker Jack" theory is shared by more than just Mr Snipes and his financial advisors. I received this email, which I have to admit caused me more than a chuckle.

Dear Simon Barrett,

Obviously you haven't done enough research on the subject to have a valid opinion. Might I suggest picking up a copy of 'Cracking the Code' by Pete Hendrickson. There is enough information in that one volume to pique interest in a very detailed subject - I think you're mentioned in there!

What is appalling is the lack of intelligence and understanding on behalf of the citizens of this Republic as to the realities of their Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the entire history of Income taxation in our country. This nation was born of "Tax Protestors", I might remind you. Their protest was 'Taxation without representation'. The modern cry is for "Tax Honesty" and is about 'Taxation with MIS-representation'. It is as valid today as it was for our founders. The difference is the knowledge and understanding and the principles of those noble men who created this Constitutional Republic. That spirit of revolution has not died for those who know the truth.

I am proud that a high profile personality has taken this stance against the fraudulent application of the Income Tax laws. Mr. Snipes works for his living and is commensurately compensated. It is his property. He earned it. He has every right to keep it. There is NO LAW that applies to him to requires him to hand it over - his only error is that he dared to ask for it back!

There is incredible depth to this subject. You could make a career out of covering it. There are numerous individuals, who interviewed would help you tell your readership the actual, honest truth about income taxation in America. Get on it! Don't be a hack. If you're an American who cares about this country and the rule of LAW, then find out what the real story is and report on it.

Every day new people join the movement to restore truth in taxation. People learn and act on the truth. And people continue to receive refunds of unlawfully withheld taxes. I'm always perplexed if all this is so 'untrue', why doesn't the government, the IRS, the DOJ put together a comprehensive and detailed presentation explaining the IRC, the tax laws and the clearly show the LAW that indicates that American's earning unprivileged compensation owe a tax? Surely that would solve everything and we could all get back to our toil with peace of mind! They don't do that. And there is a reason that they don't.

A good place to start would be to talk to Mr. Peter Hendrickson, author of 'Cracking The Code'. His website contact information is

Spencer Benedict
Neo-Jeffersonian Constitutional Fundamentalist

Now I must admit that I am not quite sure what a Neo-Jeffersonian Constitutional Fundamentalist is, but I can pretty much assume it is some sort of whacko organization!

You just got to love the internet hahahahahaha

I did feel compelled to reply....

I always pride myself on giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Fair and reasonable press reporting calls for this. To that end I have published your email in full. This should clear up any problems that you had with my earlier story

Simon Barrett (falling off his chair laughing).

I am eagerly awaiting the reply....


sink sink socks said...

Now, if you think fit to sell me those spectacles, I willpay you the largest market alte frauen die ficken price for glasses.

zzsimonb said...

hmmm, well I am old, my wife is even older, my German is a little rusty, but yes I guess I do have sex with an old woman! hahahahahaha

Pugs said...

Hmmm.. this is a bit over my head, so I shall just keep a low profile on this one.. LOL
Mind you that post you put on (Blogger News Network) about veils was exceptional. Well Done.

zzsimonb said...

Hey Pugs, did you get any hits from bnn readers as a result?