Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Joy Of Reading

This book reviewing business is feast or famine. I have been waiting for weeks for the publisher in San Diego to send more books. Yesterday I received the JFK book, 600 pages of words to read (But it is a spanky first edition signed by the author), today I get home and there is a parcel from my good buddies in San Diego!

Now I have a backlog. I guess I am going to be busy for the next little while.

One of the San Diego books is actually a galley proof, if I play my cards right I could get quoted on the real book leaf! Oh life does not get any better!

If only I could make money doing this..... hahahahahahahaha


Anonymous said...
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Nathaniel Jonet said...

How exactly does one become a book reviewer? I've always wondered that. Is there a "Skulls" like initiation through which you get brands on your wrists which book publishers respect and give you books to review? Or is it something else. It's probably something else.