Monday, December 04, 2006

Photography Jan's Way

I have spared no expense on getting Jan the best of the best in a digital camera setup, personally I preferred the hasselblad system that costs about $50,000, Jan however set her sights somewhat lower, so we met in the middle ground and bought a $30 web cam.

She is an outstanding photographer, this shot from this morning shows her true potential. It is a fine shot of dog shit! Better still it was right outside our window (you just have to love the neighbor's!)


Jan said...

ok Mr. Nice Guy... the web cam was the only thing I had available to take a picture of the evidence (I watch a lot of court TV, so I know this kind of evidence is useful)... so just for the comment on my photography talent I want that $50,000 camera now... for CHRISTMAS.

zzsimonb said...

Too late on the hasselblad! That was a one time offer only.

But I do think that the framing and composition of the pic of dog shit shows real potential.