Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another Week Of Books And Other Bull!

Hell, where does the time go? This has been another week that went by in a blur. I have read and reviewed 4 books, and interviewed three of the authors.

The week started with Ron Standerfers great air force fighter pilot tale The Last Flight Of The Eagle. I was really impressed with this book. Ron has done a bang up job of creating a book that is part air jock action and part love story. A definite must read! Ron is a character, and gave a great interview. If every author interviewed as well as Ron does, the book reviewing business would be a cake walk.

Next in line was the mysterious sounding P. M. Terrell's new mystery book Ricochet. This was another great read. It has elements about smuggling, id theft, and terrorism. This is a real page turner and I give it very high marks. P. M. also turned out to be a great subject for an interview.

Of course I knew my luck could not hold, and pretty much the week started to go downhill.

Cyber Lies by John Paul Lucich is a 'how to' book about computer forensics aimed at people who think their spouse is cheating on them. The book contains step by step instructions on how to check out the home computer to find any incriminating evidence. The concept behind the book as far as I could tell was to present the material in the style of the popular for dummies series. However, Mr. Lucich manages to produce a 200 page book with not one picture or diagram!

Thinking that it could not get worse I tackled Instant Income by Janet Switzer. Well it did get worse. Instant Income is yet another one of the already millions of books about how to make extra money. And like all the other books on the subject, drags the unwilling reader through a highly tedious review of the obvious. By page 50 I was ready to gnaw my own arm off so that I would be unable to turn the pages! hahaha

Oh, and somewhere during the week I read most of a book about Alan Seigel. Alan who? I hear you ask. This is the marketing guru that while you may not know the name, you sure know his work, he created the MasterCard logo, the NBA logo, and about a gazzilion other logo's. I didn't review the book tho, the agent told me to hold off.

Whats next? Well I am part way through a really great book by Dave Fox. Getting Lost is just a riot from the front cover on! It has to be the first book that I started laughing while reading the foreword! The foreword is not usually known for its humor, but Dave has taken it to new heights. I am only half way through it, but this is one damn funny book.

On Friday I was trolling the Press Releases and discovered that the movie Ghost was being re-released. This is going to be a collectors edition DVD. Well I just happened to remember that this movie is one of Jan's favorites, so I snagged a review copy. I also noticed a new movie that is coming out Idol, the press release was pretty funny so I sent off an email. I will have a screener copy next week.

Just another regular week in the Barrett household.......


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Curious about the Seigel book, can't wait for your review.

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