Sunday, March 11, 2007

What The...........????

I'll just bet you are wondering what the hell I am up to, posting a sensible article. It's OK, I have not lost it, I do actually write sensible stuff on occasion, but not usually on here.

The review of Tortilla Heaven was an article that I wrote for another site I needed a place to test out the formatting before I published it. So that's why it is on here!

The real review is here. Actually it was quite a fun little movie, I liked it. I believe it opens in Southern California on the 16th. So if you live in the L.A. area you should go check it out.

I believe that the publicist said that it will be available on DVD sometime in April.

Reviewing movies certainly is easier than books, ya just have to sit in front of the screen for 2 hours, that is way easier than having to read 400 pages. Of course you have no clue what a movie is going to be like till you actually watch it, and I can say with some degree of confidence that they are all NOT Oscar material.

Right now I have three more to review, a re-release of Ghost that has been reedited. I got that one because its one of Jan's all time favorites.

Harsh Times is set in Los Angeles and follows two friends through the murky world of drugs and gangs. I gave this movie a brief whirl last night. And I suppose I am just going to have to sit down and watch it.

Last but not least, we have Idol, now this is a movie that I am beginning to regret getting involved with. The synopsis from the publicist made it sound pretty humorous. Out of work gay actor who makes his living by dressing up in a carrot suit to entertain kids.... Well, there is no doubt that he is gay, as indeed the entire cast seems to be. I managed about 20 minutes before I just had to go have a beer and a cigarette. I can see this one being a real chore to sit through!

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