Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Canada's Tax On Free Stuff

Yup, you heard it here first. In a new, and completely revolutionary move Canada is now applying a tax on free stuff.

I saw a couple of DVD's that I wanted to review. So I sent off my request letter. And the company was more than happy to send them. Unfortunately someone at the customs department decided that the package looked suspicious so they opened it up. They found two DVD's inside. They also found a shipping note that had the word Retail in one column, the retail price for each DVD was $20, Now the column net to it was titled Cost, and under that was a $0. The total also reflected the $0.

So what do these boneheads do? They charge me $2.29 in GST (that's tax), and $6 for ripping my package apart and putting it in a new box!

So my free stuff cost over $7.00. I suppose that I can fill out 27 forms and get my 2.29 back, but i'll bet that short of going to court I'll be out the $6.

You would think that the people ripping open parcels would have at least a rudimentary ability to understand an invoice! Maybe this is Canada's idea of 'Homeland Security".

It is not the money, it is the whole concept that bothers me. I get to pay tax on something that cost me nothing, and I get no revenue from. (yes this was a freebie review). At this rate I will have to stop doing reviews, because I can't afford to accept free stuff!

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