Saturday, April 28, 2007

Xentel, who are these people?

I have written a couple of posts about these nasty people. I am amazed at the number of 'search engine' hits I get on Xentel. Obviously there are a lot of people that share my belief that they are basically a sleazy operation.

I was only annoyed by the Edmonton office (thanks Will MacDonald). But obviously many people are pissed at Xentel. So here is the plan, lets set up a pissed at Xentel web site. I would be happy to do this, a simple web site with all of the information that we can get. We need names, we need phone numbers, and we need street addresses. This is all of the info that this sleazy operation does not like to supply. That way, anyone that has suffered from this stupid company can at least find the phone number, or the street address.

I for one, am pretty poor, I cannot afford to make a whole pile of long distance phone calls, so I want to try and find the 1-800 numbers for Xentel. That way everyone will be able to contact them without having to pay for the phone call.

I allready have an idea for a slogan 'Xentel, just say NO'.

If you are interested in this idea, leave a coment, or email me.

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Anonymous said...

I worked for Xentel and I will say that it is horrible with the web of lies they weave. I had a chance to listen in on a veteran solicitor and it truely amazed me how he conned and lured people into thinking that the world will end if they dont give. We were to say when asked how much goes to the cause"As with any good organization, 80% goes directly to the cause". Problem is, is that this is not one of those honorable organizations. In fact as little as 10% actually goes to the cause. One old crippled man in a wheelchair with trouble talking kept telling me that he could not get out of the home and even gave me a street address where I can collect the money. He was too old to realize that payments could be done on the phone and had to explain to him for 5 min how this works, over and over again. He still thought that I could come to his house and physically collect the money. He eventually agreed on $25. I felt real bad for him but this was only one of thousands that get conned.