Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Insane Things To Do In Your Spare Time - #37

As most of you know I waste most of my spare time reading books! Well it has been pretty quite for a few days, there is lots of stuff 'in the mail' but nothing has arrived. So I decided to try something different, and boy was that a bad move hahahaha

I am an editor over at and recently I have been trying to recruit some new writers to our fold. Finding good writers is not an easy task, and it is amazing how many really bad ones there are. Of course seeing as to how we don't pay very much, I guess that might have some bearing on the issue.

I decided that maybe there was a way to kind of compensate people. Why not get more serious in the writing reviews arena? So I spent a few days contacting the Publishing Houses and PR firms that I have dealt with over the past few months explaining that I had a few reviewers that were looking for books, movies, Cd's whatever! And I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback I received.

So, yesterday I decided to launch my campaign, a quick newsletter to all of our authors, and contributors. It was not 2 minutes later that my world started to cave in.... I was in email hell. It's a damn good job I use Gmail with 3 gig of storage, I was being hit at the rate of a dozen emails a minute!

Boy, people love free stuff!

I have created a monster!

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