Sunday, April 22, 2007

Whats Not To Love?

I was perusing the world of Press Releases today and discovered that a company has digitally remastered all of Al Stewarts CD's. Al has been around since 1965 when he released his first album Bedsitter images. I could not resist this one, well actually all 13 of them!

I have been a big fan of Al since I first saw him perform in 1970. Somehow I managed to persuade my parents that even though I was only 15, I was grown up enough to go spend a weekend attending a music festival! Boy they were dumb! A 15 year old hormone charged boy and the biggest selection of hippie women, what a great combo! There would have been no way I would have let my kids do that when they were 15.

I survived the weekend, I think it was in Chelmsford, England. The top act was no other than our good buddy Al Stewart, I was hooked. Al gave a great performance, and he did it with no backing band, just Al, his guitar, and a stool.

Now 13 CD's may seem like a big project, it is one that I am going to enjoy.

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