Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Wife Is Gonna Kill Me

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have had to start operating out of a different Computer Lab. This has not made me a happy camper but I have played along with their game (cos I really need the pay check). Oh to be independently wealthy! Bill, if you are reading this why don't you and Melinda send me a couple of million from your foundation and it will fix all my problems! hahaha

Anyway, the problem I have is Typewriters. It can be argued that I already have too many of them at home, but I like them.

Oh, don't be fooled by the picture, this is just a few of them!

My real problem is the ones that I have at work. Moving to the new lab has meant that the 'Powers that be' want me to 'do something' with the stuff in the old lab. A rough count shows a couple of IBM Selectrics, a couple of Underwoods, some more Smith Coronas, in total there are about a dozen. Oh and they also want me to relocate my ever growing museum of computers, Kaypro 10, TRS 80, and a variety of other bits and pieces.

Jan is gonna kill me when I bring all this home!

Not even playing BadgerBadgerBadger to her over and over and over again is going to soften her up over this!


Jan said...

hmmm well I won't say a word as long as YOU find a place to put all this stuff that is NOT in the middle of the floor. And btw... I don't really mind all your collections because I can see how much you enjoy all this stuff... besides all these typewriters will be mine if you ever leave me, its in the prenuptial agreement LOL

zzsimonb said...

I am gonna put em under the mattress, on your side of da bed!

Hendo! said...

A TRS 80?? I had one of them, well the British version, the Tandy Colour Computer 2 (16k RAM)