Sunday, April 15, 2007

Got PayPal?, You Got Hell!

This tale is so bizarre, if it was not that it actually happened to me, I would not have believed it. The story started yesterday, my step son wanted to buy some speakers for his computer. So I said, "no prob", and seeing as he is in Louisiana I told him I'd send the money by PayPal. That way he could buy them on E-Bay. I ship the $30, and I think that is the end of the story.

Not so! Joey has forgotten his password, oh, and all of the other stuff required, as far as I could tell they have suspended his account because of all of the attempts to access it. So we now have $30 in limbo land. I am sure that eventually the $30 will surface (They say 30 days, but I'll bet it is 30 years!).

Plan 'B' happened today. We told Joey to open up a new PayPal account and that Jan would ship the $30 from her account. This sounded so easy. It took mere minutes to set up the account. Jan sent the money, and I thought the story was over. But no! We get an email back that he has received the money, but PayPal will not let him spend it, because he does not have a bank account attached to his PayPal account.

OK, no problem, both Jan and I have E-Bay accounts, so we tell him to ship the money back, and we will buy it. Guess what? Because he does not have a back account PayPal will not let him return it!

So now I have $60 invested in the project, and I am not very happy.

Plan "c" formed, we would just buy the damn things and have them shipped to him. Naturally this didn't work. He bought em on E-Bay, and only he can buy them. Jan had to give him her PayPal password to make this happen.

The good news is that speakers are now bought. Oh I should point out that the winning bid was $1.99 hahahaha Of course they want $12 shipping and handling.

The bottom line is, $75 for a $2 set of stinking speakers. You just have to love buying stuff online!

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BrettBum said...

That's painfully hillarious. I think you have my luck with such things.


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