Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Week In Review(s)

On the book front it has been a pretty slow week, for some reason I have got myself bogged down in one book. Through The Eyes Of A Survivor Chronicles the experiences of a young Jewish girl living through WWII in Nazi occupied Poland. This is a very powerful book, and not one for the squeamish. You are probably thinking "Do we really need another book about the well known story of the holocaust?". In my opinion it is an important piece of history, and each book on the subject adds to the history of a very chapter in the history of mankind.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this book is the writing style, Colette Wadell has almost created two books for the price of one. Nina tells a little piece of her story and then Colette adds some commentary to put it into context. This is a most unique method.

I have not got around to reading Richard Winston's Death Is The Down Beat yet, but I am looking forward to it. As many of you know, I am an editor for Bloggernews, and recently I have been working hard at getting Bloggernews on the review circuit. The theory was to use my 'good name' (hahahaha) to get publishers to open up their catalogs to other people that write for bloggernews. Surprisingly it seems to be working. Anyway, it turns out the Bloggernews has an author in their ranks, none other than Richard Winston. I could not resist getting a copy!

I did review a couple of music related video's as well this week. MVD have a very interesting series of music videos called "Classic Albums Under Review". The concept is to take a well known album and weave a documentary around it. I tackled Pink Floyd's Meddle. Which in my opinion is the best album Pink Floyd have ever made, far superior than Dark Side of Moon.

I really enjoyed this DVD, and if you are a Pink Floyd fan, this is an absolutely must have item. There are some never before seen studio and live clips of this juggernaut of prog rock.

I also took Blood Sweat And Tears - Spinning Wheel out for a test drive. This DVD is from a concert performed in 1980. For the most part I liked it, and it was interesting to compare and contrast their early and somewhat raw work to their later and much more sophisticated offerings. If I have a criticism of this DVD, it is the title, alas Spinning Wheel a song that most people associate with this band is featured in a medley style, and not as a stand alone work.

On the whole though I gave it a thumbs up.

I suspect that next week could be rather busy. I received an email from a publicist yesterday who really needs some reviews done, so silly me said "sure I'll do them". I think there are around 12 DVD's involved. That's going to keep me busy for a while.

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