Monday, April 02, 2007

Whats Wrong With The World Of Publishing?

One of the more entertaining aspects about being a book reviewer is the access that you get to the authors. I really enjoy doing the interviews. Every one is different, and every one of them has unique questions and unique answers. OK, maybe that is a little bit of a lie! If it is a first time author I do like to try and squeeze in a question about their 'publishing experiences'. I may not include the answer in the interview, but it is a subject near and dear to my heart. You might be shocked to hear that I get very negative responses to this seemingly inoquous question.

One author was so frustrated with the professional editor that he spent months, undoing the edits.

After listening to the grumblings, I decided it was time to do a little investigative journalism. Of course most authors are happy to grumble in private, but very unhappy to grumble in public. Although they may hate all of people involved, to talk about them is just going to make the next book even harder to get published.

I have been wanting to put this story together for several months, so I was pretty excited when Ian Coburn agreed to talk to me on this subject. Ian recently published a very funny book God Is A Woman: Dating Disasters. Based on his experience his next book could well be titled Book Publishing Is Hell: A Writer Fights Back.

Ian has little positive to say about editors, publishers, and almost everyone else involved in the process. He describes a long hard road, and a road that most of us would not have the tenacity to deal with. Ian Coburn is a guy that wants his story told. Better still he has the charm and wit to get away with it.

The whole gory tale can be read here.

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T.C. Lessons said...

This is the best thing I've read on the difficulty of getting published and I'm in the middle of the process.

Thanks to you and thanks to Ian for getting it out there. Make sure it stays accessible. By L.Lynch at ""