Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Week In Review(s)

I must admit that I really did not do a lot this week. I got bogged down in Through The Eyes Of A Survivor. This is a truly excellent book. It Chronicles the life of Nina Morecki, starting with her early life growing up in Pre-war Poland, then surviving both Russian and German occupation. And finally her post war life living in the US. Both the Author Colette Waddell and Nina have agreed to be interviewed. I think this will be quite unique, it is not often that you get to interview the author and the subject.

I also finally got to interview Matthew Fort about his latest book, Eating Up Italy. Matthew is a well known British food critic and TV personality. The most interesting aspect of the interview was his comments about TV. When I asked him why he had created a book rather than a TV series he explained that TV was to rigid, and offered little little wriggle room for spontaneity.

On the 'in comming' scene is Travels With Loreena McKennitt by Niema Ash. When I read the Press Release I was immediatly interested. This book was the subject of a law suit brought by Loreena against Niema Ash, apparently there were some things said in the book that Loreena took umbrage at. I was actually quite suprised that I was able to get a review copy as it had to be shipped from England!

So as you can see on the reviewing front it was been pretty quiet, however it has been a fairly stressfull week. Jan and I manage the reviewing section of Blogger News Network, and we use Google Groups to co-ordinate all of the review material up for grabs. For about 24 hours the entire of Google Groups went into meltdown mode. In fact we are still trying to dig our way out, we have lost about 35 threads, and a thread represents an item. As a result we have no idea who is running with these reviews. Boy are we pissed off about this!

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