Sunday, May 20, 2007

Data Center Meltdown

The Barrett home data center suffered a major infrastructure failure at the weekend. The Cardboard Box decided that it was time to 'meet its maker'.

For no good reason it decided to go into re-boot mode, over and over again! Well after about 15 minutes of watching this endless cycle I decided it was time for some affirmative action. I recently replaced the motherboard in Jan's computer, and decided that a quick 'motherboardectimy' would fix my problem. Because of the 'Open Architecture' (no case) it is easy to replace any component.

Of course whenever you attempt one of these major operations you are at the mercy of 'Murphys Law', and true to form Murphy decided that this would be the ideal time to get involved. Somehow I managed to blow up the power supply. For the average person this would be game over, but I wasn't scared. I went to plan 'B', I got another beer, said the 'F' word a few times, called Intel everything but a competent manufacturer of computer bits, and grabbed one of my backup computers.

Yup, I am now running on the PCPC (The Plastic Canvas Personal Computer). The only hand knitted computer in the universe.

Life is good!

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ahib0205 said...

PcPc? hehehehehe.... great blog dude! :)