Sunday, May 06, 2007

Reviewer In Hell

Lets see, it has been a tough weekend, I believe the DVD and CD count is 7! About the only bright spot is that it turns out another reviewer already has the 2 remaining DVD's and is handling them. Heavy Metal concerts are not my thing!

Last month we launched a reviews section on Bloggernews, and I was blown away when I looked at the stats, over 40 reviews have been posted! The vast majority being 'stuff' that we sourced through my PR contacts. That's a lot of free stuff! I have a special shelf for my free stuff, and since last Christmas my shelf has grown to one and a half shelves. It is amazing how fast you accumulate stuff. I even have duplicates of some items, sometimes companies send you more than one copy of stuff.

If you fancy doing some reviews drop me a line on

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