Monday, May 28, 2007

Further Adventures In Reviewing

Exercising absolutely no good judgement I let Jan know that 'Hannibal Rising' is being released on DVD, with "material too horrific for the theatre version". I have a great aversion to all things scary, and this press release would have got the Simon 'reject' stamp. But like I said I told Jan about it. "OH, yes, you have that". So silly me sent off an email, I was kinda hoping that they would forget about the request. Alas it was through one of the PR companies that I do a lot of work for.

My fears were justified, they even Fed-Ex'd the damn thing! I am still recovering from the press screening of Rise: Blood Hunter that we went to last week. It is way too soon to tackle another horror movie! I got into hot water with Rise, seeing as it has already aired at the Tribbeca Film Fest, I launched my review, the PR folks were pissed at me! The normal practice in the reviewing world is not to publish until the day the movie is released, but this had been widely talked about and screened so I went ahead.

Oh, and another pile of CD's arrived today. I was trying to at least put things in neat piles at the weekend, and I was alarmed when I discovered that the pile of DVD's and CD's received in the last couple of months was about 2 feet high! The book pile is even higher!

One incredibly high spot in the day was an email that I received. Recently I reviewed Peter Davies' fine novel Scatterlings of Africa, it transpires that one of peter's friends is a best selling author in England, and he has invited me to review his upcoming book, and interview him. Now that made my day!

Life is good!

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