Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gothic Vampires From Hell

What a great title, don't you think? Actually it is a rather strange DVD, part B horror movie and part concert. It is a cute 'Vampy' piece (pun intended). Anyway I reviewed Goth Vamps a couple of weeks ago, and thought that was likely the end of the story. But of course that was not to be.

Yesterday I discovered a comment about my post. It was from Jeremiah Campbell, who was the screenwriter for the movie. Needless to say I could not resist. So I am going to be interviewing Jeramiah in the next couple of days.

You just got to love the world of reviewing.
Postscript: For the past several days (since early July) I have noticed quite a few hits on this post. What is the sudden interest in the Gothic Vamps? Can someone let me know. Oh and if you are interested you can read my interview with the screen writer here.

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