Friday, May 11, 2007

The Week In Review(s)

Well it has been a really busy week. Last weekend I tackled a huge number of music videos. And they were all over the music map. I started with some oldies stuff. Frankie laine kicked off the adventure into the past with That Old Lucky Sun. What a great wander down memory lane. The one thing that caught my attention was the way Frankie works the crowd. There is no doubt who is in charge, he knows how to do it, and when to do it!

Conversely we watched Vic Damone in a 1976 performance On The Street Where You Live. Vic was kind of flat and 'Ho Hum'. He has the soft patter, but somehow he just does not have the punch of Frankie Laine. It was a harmless hour, but maybe not a really memberable one.

Next, we fast forwarded to Neo, and a concert that was given by them in Poland. MVD has released a really interesting DVD that records a live performance by this wonderfully eclectic band. I really liked it.

It was with some trepidation that I played this next CD. Who would call themselves 'The Queers'? Although it looks like a career ending name, these guys are very good. Munki Brain is a splendid album, and everyone should rush out and buy it.

Moving on to the books scene, I finished Death Is On The Down Beat by Richard Winston. The story line was quite strong, but I did find a few editing errors, it is entirely possible that it was an 'Uncorrected Proof' version and so not in it's final form.

I have started reading Travels With Loreena McKennitt by Niema Ash, and so far it is a most entertaining read. Most of us see Lorena as a very sedate and serene figure, the book reveals another side to this superstar, and maybe not a very nice one. What attracted me to this book is the history behind it and the ramifications for other authors and journalists. Travels was the subject of a British lawsuit that made it all the way to the House of Lords, that is the equivalent of the Supreme Court in the US. Loreena took exception to some passages in the book, oh, and incidentally she won! Maybe the most significant aspect of this ruling was that it was not the factual truthfulness that was in question! Loreena just did not want parts of the story told.

I am also currently reading Wearing The Spider by Susan Schaab, this is a very well executed thriller that involves identity theft, sexual harassment, and fraud.

Whats on for next week? Well I have a mountain of DVD's to plow through, 11 at the last count, and a couple more books.

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Did You Stop to Think? said...

What? Those are the only reviews this week? Come on, get with the program! I don't know how you find time to keep it all going. Nice job, good reviews. I'll have to check 'em out.