Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Adventures In Reading

The other day Janny0 (My lovely wife) and I were chatting, I think it was Monday. We were talking about all this book reading that I have been doing, and she was feeling a little left out of the action.

I proposed that she help me out, and tackle a couple of books from the pile.

After a little bit of persuading she agreed to try.

I get books all the time, and it is not unusual for the shipment to contain books by accident. Last week I got a package of 4 books, only one of which was for review, The other three were accidents. One of them was only 49 pages long!

I gave it to Jan to review, with the promise that if she generates a 400 word review I will publish it!

So I get home from work today and Jan asks me how I am doing with the book I am reading, well the short answer is 'not very well, I have only managed 200 pages in 2 days. This means I am way behind schedule!

Jan offers up the news that she has got started with her 49 page book, and after a 3 days of effort has made it almost to the end of the first paragraph!

I think Jan has a little ways to go before be bestow the 'Book Reviewer' title on her. At this rate she will likely finish reading the 49 page book sometime in the year 2020!


cajungrl said...

hey give me a little more credit that that will ya? I think I can finish it by 2010... but its really hard reading something while watching soaps on TV


Simon Barrett said...

...and how many paragraphs did we manage today?

huh huh?

cajungrl said...

ummmm... well I was kind of busy time for reading...the soaps were really good today