Friday, February 02, 2007

Drowning In A Sea Of Books

This book reviewing business is a lot of fun. Not only do you get free books, you get to talk to the author as well. That in my opinion is one of the best parts. I don't know how many books i have read in the past 40 years and after I had finished thought to myself how neat it would be to ask the author some questions.

Well I get to do that now.

It is also very exciting to see the occasional article pop up on some of the big regional website like

Unfortunately there is a downside to all of this, if you are not careful you end up drowning in a sea of books. And that is about where I am at right now.

I am currently reading The Crescent City Lynchings by Tom Smith, and The Remembering by John Nelson, and Digital Destiny by Jeff Chester is sitting on the table waiting for me.

There are at least 3 more books somewhere in the Canadian mail system, one of which is Blogosphere by Dr Michael Keren, this one I am looking forward to, the rumour mill says that Dr Keren is highly critical of both the quality and newsworthiness of Blogs. That should make for some good copy for Jan and I have also been invited to the kick off bash for Blogoshere next Friday (free booze and munchies!).

Last Tuesday I received conformation that a package of 6 (yes six) books are en route from an agent in San Diego. These books will need to be given top priority and turned around quickly (this is a for pay deal! woo hoo).

So when you total it all up, I have to deal with at least 12 books right now! My guess is that is more books than most people read in a year, and I have to try and bang out reviews and interviews in a couple of weeks!

I have been trying to persuade Jan to tackle a couple of them to help out. At the mere mention of reading a book her eyes glaze over, so I am not very hopeful about getting her assistance.

I think I need a beer!

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Anonymous said...

Well, supposedly, 'Blogosphere' calls all political bloggers shut-in delusionals with no friends and who wrongly think they're rebels against society from their parent's basements. Sounds to me like he had a bad experience on some comment forum and is acting out. In any event, writing a book about a topic that would only appeal to bloggers, and then cussing them all out isn't the best strategy.

I sure am glad my blog isn't political, though, because that means I'm full of cool and win. On the internet.