Monday, February 19, 2007

zzsimonb is a BoyToy?

Obviously this is a question that many readers have. Is Simon just a Boy Toy?

According to my lovely wife, the answer is YES.

Now I have to admit that for 6 months of the year she is older than I am, and yes I do refer to her as Mrs Robinson during this time. She is the older woman, taking advantage of a younger man.

Today she refered to me as her Boy Toy, now, I am 51 years old! I do not consider myself a Boy Toy (and she is 51 and a half!). Actually she is knocking hard on the door of 52!

Of course I am flattered that she thinks of me as her Boy Toy, and I really must get her to an optician soon.

Of course I am as sprightly as I was 30 years ago, but, I am still not sure that I like being called a Boy Toy.

I suspect that she downloaded the Full Monty. After watching that movie, everyone is a Boy Toy!

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