Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Internet Sucks! hahahahaha

I love the Internet, it doesn't matter what the subject is, I can find information about it. In fact I even teach a class about searching for stuff online.

The big problem is figuring out how to find the stuff you want, as opposed to the stuff you don't want.

Even worse, the Internet is an anarchy, no one is in charge, and if you have access, you too can put whatever rubish you want online.

I am a big fan of cooking, and a big fan of eating! Because I am a big lover of the Internet, I never write anything down, I can always find the answer with a quick Google search!

This plan does not work so well when looking for recipes. Everyone has their own theory.

I decided to make some Yorkshire Puddings, but I could not quite remember the ratio of flour to milk. A quick Googling revealed a vast array of ideas. From one part flour and two parts water, to one part water and two parts flour.

I remembered that the 1:1 rule works for me! The other problem I have in making Yorkshire Puds is the elevation we live in. At sea level one egg probably works fine, but at almost a mile high here in Calgary you need a little boost in the raising agents. I use 3 or 4 eggs, a really stinking hot oven, and a pinch of baking soda.

Yorkshire Pud fans will probably have heart failure when they read this. But being a Pud fan, you just have to do, what a Pud fan has to do!

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