Thursday, February 08, 2007

Drowning in Books.. The Revenge

I was already in trouble, I have enough new books to last the average reader for quite a while, actually months. Unfortunately the 'Book God' has decided that he likes me (or maybe he hates me!).

One of the problems with getting into the reviewing bussiness is how the hell do you persuade people to send you free books?

That was all I wanted. I read a lot, and the idea of getting free books sounded like a great idea.

Unfortunately this is one idea that has worked way better than I had anticipated. Suddenly getting free books is not a problem, where to store them is the issue!

In the past two days I have had a total of 11 books and one movie screener DVD arrive. Of course they do not arrive all at once, that would be too simple.

We live in a basement appartment, and while Canada Post has skillfully avoided putting any of our mail in the 'Barrett' mailbox for the last 18 months, UPS, Fed-EX, and all of the other delivery services have no problem finding us. I can only assume they employ slightly smarter people

Where is this all leading I hear you ask?. Well Jan hurt her hip a couple of days ago. Canada post is not a problem, they allways deliver our mail to somewhere else. The real delivery services tend to want to make sure that the object makes it to the intended recipient

Poor Jan had to hobble her way up the steps twice yesterday, and three times today to accept free stuff.

On the phone she said "I really want to have a nap, my hip hurts so much, but every time I crawl under the covers the damn doorbell rings".

This is a good reason to not become a book reviewer!

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to find out what pre-release movie I have, well it stars John Hurt........

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Anonymous said...

Wait one second... Is John Hurt still alive?!